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- Name: Grant

- Age: 26

- Gender: Male

- Country: South Africa

- Can you speak passable English? Yes

- What do you get up to when you’re not online? I work my job as an electrical engineer

- What motivated you to apply as a Social Member to The Gauntlet? Please explain in detail.
I used to be part of a very strong progressive guild during cataclysm and am wanting to make a comeback in legion. the reason I am wanting to join the gauntlet is because quite a few of the members I used to know are now part of this guild...Myrr, Knindza, Nyanika, Omachi to name a few

- Character Name: Adrixus

- Link your armory page: ... xus/simple

- Current Guild: N/A

- Previous Guilds: Frostmourne, League of Shadows

- Why did you leave your last guild? (whisper an officer if you'd prefer this to remain private)
No real reason for leaving, but I stopped playing for a while to finish my studies and get a stable job

- Please provide details of alts in other guilds or on another realm:
This Character I am applying on is an alt which I plan to level and get quite involved in since it used to be my main. the reason for applying on this alt is that I just want to make sure of the potential before I spend money to transfer my main from a different server. My main is a resto shaman on Aggramar which is iLvl 890

- What can you contribute to the social atmosphere of The Gauntlet?
I am always friendly, very sociable and eventually would love to transfer into a raid application to be part of your progressive raid groups

- Who do you know in the Gauntlet (list all)?
I listed a few already, but I am most aquainted with Myrr

- Who is your sponsor from The Gauntlet (list only one)?

- How do you know your sponsor?
We moved from frostmourne together to League of shadows where we raided progressively together for quite a while

- Approximately how long have you known your sponsor?

- Have you obtained a Snowshoe Rabbit?

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Hiya mate, hope you get to join us soon! It's been a while, will be nice having you around again


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Welcome to The Gauntlet. Whisper any officer for an invite! :)
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