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  • Re: Missflora Restoration Druid - Social Application
    Posted by Maolain » 24 Sep 2016, 05:50

  • Braska wrote:
    Hmm, if you were in the Heretics you might know Yorgen (paladin) as him and his dad were in the Heretics back in the day.

    I do indeed remember cagatakius. They are even on my very short friends list. Currently in an airport in Thailand but will see you online soon
  • Re: Finally!
    Posted by Maolain » 29 Jan 2016, 14:18
  • Fantastic job all. Congratulations to all involved
  • Re: Uncle Archie finally drops to his knee's
    Posted by Maolain » 17 Aug 2015, 22:23
  • Ah, before my drunken name change to Korahsux. Want that spelling back.

    Well done Carbon on being the only one in both Archi first kills
  • Re: Social Raiding in WoD
    Posted by Maolain » 30 Nov 2014, 13:04
  • I will try and be there assuming i get geared enough, been a little slack so far
  • Re: VP points wont be converted to JP in 5.2
    Posted by Maolain » 13 Feb 2013, 13:27
  • You cannot get rep in normal and LFR, its a one time only thing. I would highly doubt that it will be possible to get up one tier each week (and highly doubt every two weeks) Saving Valor points would only be sensible in my opinion for the neutral rewards, its likely you earn enough valor as you go ...
  • Re: Brawlers guild
    Posted by Maolain » 28 Nov 2012, 12:07
  • Does it work that way? They are one person based i thought Afaik there will be a few on BMAH but I expect they would go for a mighty packet (more than the guild bank has probably), even then they are going to be released slowly. They have just added that invites will drop from random faction NPCs al...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... 38 ./search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&author_id=493&sid=67e96fe5d1b8024c02350add48c8acd5&start=15
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