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    Posted by Robot » 02 Oct 2009, 15:30
  • I already know i'm going to be looking for something to do sunday so thought i would try and put a TOTC 10 man together for a bit of fun

    Aiming to start at 2pm server time

    Anyone interested?
  • 3v3 and 5v5 team
    Posted by Robot » 21 Sep 2009, 15:49
  • I'm on the lookout for a 3v3 or 5v5 team if anyone as a spot open for a DK
  • Re: Social raid times
    Posted by Robot » 21 Sep 2009, 15:45
  • i'll be around for some social raids if i am ever lucky enough to ninja a spot

    DK either tank or DPS but i best stick to DPS for a while if you look at my gear you will know why.

  • Posted by Robot » 29 Jul 2008, 09:32
  • gratzs guys

  • Posted by Robot » 13 May 2008, 12:10
  • happy b day mate

  • Posted by Robot » 15 Apr 2008, 11:21
  • pulling agro on that fight in genral

    my threat is just simple wired on that fight on ilidan i can't do anything about changed rotation so many times on it just can't up my TPS to normal levels

  • Posted by Robot » 15 Apr 2008, 09:32
  • P2 isn't sorted it as massive issues currently to say we only got past it 2 times in 4 hours of trying

  • Posted by Robot » 07 Apr 2008, 10:08
  • welcome to our website

    Andy the shammy Class leader will be along shortly to make you a cup of tea

  • Posted by Robot » 02 Apr 2008, 14:07
  • awwwwww, 100 hrs about time labour incresed the number of police and not run you guys down. so i will blame you leaving Wow on Mr Brown "AKA stalin" i not let you down. I will work twice as hard to help win the next general election. anyway sure you will keep in toach on the webby. look af...

  • Posted by Robot » 02 Apr 2008, 09:12
  • Your application was good but i am affraid we are currently full "very full" on mellee DPS and wouldn't be able to find you raid spots.

    good luck in search of a good high end guild.


  • Posted by Robot » 31 Mar 2008, 13:01
  • the old enrmay cast bar was good just when i switch to x-perl from sraidframes it was a nightmare the cast bar went above the boss neame was really small and the colour diffrence was small in short it was useless but yeah loved Quartz last night definatly made it alot esier to spell reflect

  • Posted by Robot » 31 Mar 2008, 11:32

  • Herbal wrote:
    ARRRRRRRGH 2%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    you missed the point we was at 2% twise went a little like this

    Robot died
    raid wiped

    but we know we have him now

  • Posted by Robot » 31 Mar 2008, 11:03
  • What FR do Sleeve and Daz have atm?

    they both have the full FR set from badges "which will do the job"

  • Posted by Robot » 31 Mar 2008, 11:02
  • hi chris,

    how does ed deal with Shear "i would assume which is my current plan is just keep SB up all the time" but does it require any specail attention apart from this ?
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