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  • Re: PSA: Distilled Titan Essence
    Posted by Braska » 18 Jan 2017, 15:10
  • Reddit has spoken. 15 from the m+ cache apparently, regardless of level. Existing emissary chests contain nothing as expected. Monday and Tuesday unfinished emissaries do contain them, as expected.. 4 each to be exact. So should be going into raid with 27, interested to see how much the raid bosses...
  • Re: PSA: Distilled Titan Essence
    Posted by Braska » 17 Jan 2017, 18:29

  • Richard wrote:
    i also believe it's a lockout per boss, not per difficulty

    Yeah there was a blue post stating this was the case.
  • Re: Something to cheer Apheon up!
    Posted by Braska » 31 Oct 2016, 18:52

  • Krushy wrote:
    Ryan, you are a priest too...
    We, healers, can pretend it was an accident hahaha

  • Re: From Gorgond to Timeless isle
    Posted by Braska » 15 Sep 2016, 17:20
  • Also works the other way round if you were like me and my alts hadn't gotten to Draenor in the last expansion and I cba going through the starting quests again.
  • Re: What is sleep
    Posted by Braska » 29 Aug 2016, 17:29
  • Debating whether to go on when i get in from work tuesday morning and try to power through until i need sleep, or come home from work and sleep straight away so i can go even longer.... tough call! Suppose it depends what time you finish in the morning (guessing 12 hr shift?). Personally I'd be tem...
  • Re: What is sleep
    Posted by Braska » 29 Aug 2016, 07:48
  • I appear to have made the rather schoolboy error of not getting back home til Tuesday afternoon :(. Oh well at least the worst of the initial levelling rush should be out of the way and and I can find out what's bugged or quickest to do. If there aren't some of you at 110 by the time I get on then I...
  • Re: What is sleep
    Posted by Braska » 29 Jul 2016, 16:10
  • Well I booked that week off work back at the start of the year given it's the bank holiday week so it's turned out quite nice for Legion :)

    And back in my day I didn't have to pay tuition fees at Uni. \o/ (yes I am an old bastard :P )
  • Re: What is sleep
    Posted by Braska » 29 Jul 2016, 13:19
  • Bloody students..... *shakes fist*
  • Re: The Lost Members Thread
    Posted by Braska » 25 Jul 2016, 09:30
  • Nice to see you're doing well for yourself. Congratulations on your engagement and soon to be wedding. Hope everything goes well and Washington/Seattle's famed inclement weather holds off. As Tom says there's still a few people kicking about from pre-TBC days :) .
  • Re: Just wondering..
    Posted by Braska » 14 Mar 2016, 10:27

  • bane wrote:
    who the fuck is dragonbane?

    Paladin healer from Vanilla/TBC times.
  • Re: Finally!
    Posted by Braska » 29 Jan 2016, 13:20
  • Grats all, time to take it easy before the next expansion :)
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