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  • Re: Discord
    Posted by Allessandro » 26 May 2017, 18:56
  • Bump for social slackers to get on Discord
  • Discord
    Posted by Allessandro » 11 May 2017, 17:42
  • Hi All Most of TGs communication is now being done using the Discord app, so I advise people to download it. http://www.discord.me/thegauntlet Password: snowshoe If anyone has problems finding it, let an officer know in game and a we can send you an invite. Its also got a Voice-com which is not bein...
  • Re: Raid Application
    Posted by Allessandro » 27 Jan 2017, 21:36
  • Top player, would be an asset to the raid team
  • Re: Social raids
    Posted by Allessandro » 11 Jan 2017, 18:53

  • diamondwhite wrote:
    Not going for HC ToV 1st?

    Last chance of getting some people Curve, so would be good to do so, and I am thinking early parts of NH normal might be easier then ToV heroic for much the same gear level.
  • Re: Social raids
    Posted by Allessandro » 10 Jan 2017, 23:02
  • ToV normal cleared - next week is our last EN Heroic clear before we move to Nighthold normal.
    And at least 9 of the raiders tonight were people who raided with TG 11 years ago...
  • Re: Odyn Mythic down!
    Posted by Allessandro » 23 Dec 2016, 20:25
  • Well done for keeping at it, guys. :)
    Hopefully Guarm will be a little easier.
  • Re: Social application
    Posted by Allessandro » 30 Nov 2016, 00:11
  • Good to have you on our social run, and your application is accepted.
    Whisper an officer for an invite when you are transferred.
  • Re: The Lost Members Thread
    Posted by Allessandro » 22 Nov 2016, 23:33
  • Please note, Kurloway aka Jammy, was 6 when TG was founded, so we don't really take him seriously., even if he is a bloody good player.

    Food for thought, Jammy is actually younger then Hannah, Sunbem's daughter, for anyone who was here in TBC and Wotlk.
  • Social raids
    Posted by Allessandro » 18 Oct 2016, 23:58
  • First heroic boss down tonight, in addition to a full normal clear. (and legendarys for Mozzi and Herbal)
    Just wanted to say thanks to all who are helping making Tuesday nights a lot of fun.
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